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Guards Embarkation

AB Offshore Marine Services offers Guard Embarkation as a specialized service, providing highly trained Nigerian Naval security personnel who embark on clients’ vessels to ensure the safety and security of maritime assets through vigilant surveillance and strategic intervention.

Security Escort Vessel

AB Offshore’s fleet of Security Escort Vessel combines speed and security. These vessels are equipped to respond rapidly to security challenges at sea, providing a protective shield for maritime assets with efficiency and precision

Tugs and Terminal Support Vessels

AB Offshore’s Tugs and Terminal Support Vessels are essential for seamless operations at port. These vessels excel in handling lines and delivering critical supplies, ensuring the smooth flow of maritime activities in challenging conditions.

Crew Boats

AB Offshore crew boats ensures efficient transportation and logistics support for offshore personnels

Platform Supply Vessels

AB Offshore’s Platform Supply Vessels are advanced logistics vessels. With the ability to maintain precise positioning, these vessels offer reliable support to offshore platforms, enhancing operational efficiency in diverse offshore environments.

Diving Support Vessels

AB Offshore’s Diving Support Vessels are¬†specialized vessel that serve as a reliable support base for underwater operations. These vessels offer stability and advanced facilities, making them ideal for diving activities and subsea exploration

Anchor Handling Tug Vessels (AHTS)

AB Offshore’s Anchor Handling Tug Vessels are robust and powerful, specially designed for the safe handling of anchors and towing heavy structures. These vessels provide a secure and controlled environment for handling critical equipment in offshore operations.