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Complaints and Grievance Mechanism

In keeping with international best practices and our resolve to ensure that human rights are not undermined or infringed in AB Offshore’s operations, we are committed to addressing your grievances and complaints in a timely manner. 

To this end, we address your complaints and grievance with the following steps. 

  1. Fill in the grievance form on the website or send an email to the email address below. 
  1. A letter acknowledging the receipt of a complaint or grievance is sent. 
  1. Discuss the complaint or grievance with the complainant within 24 hours of receiving the complaint (Either written or verbal). 
  1. Investigation is carried out and the result of the investigation shared with the complainant (usually within 7 working days of acknowledgement of the complaint. 
  1. The investigation’s outcome is documented while excluding details of any staff member except in cases where disciplinary action has been taken. 
  1. Options for reviewing the decision taken is discussed with the complainant. 
  1. A questionnaire will be sent to track complaints to rectify recurring issues within our services. 

If after the following steps have been taken and you are concerned that your complaint is not resolved, do well to reach the General Manager Corporate Services on 09077773305 or stating previous correspondence. 

The General Manager Corporate Services will investigate your complaints in detail and the result passed to relevant units to report to you of findings and proposed resolutions to the complaint.