At sea, there are no walls or physical barriers. Everyone can sail everywhere which is one of the maritime industry greatest advantages, and the most challenging security aspect.
Maritime Security Deficits in the Gulf of Guinea makes the region a tough region to operate. Why theft, piracy, kidnapping and ransom has plagued the region for a long time, it becomes imperative to have a robust security infrastructure as a viable solution for companies transporting people, products within the coast of West Africa.

AB Offshore Marine Security provides all round security solutions to LNG Carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, drill ships, container carriers, ferries, cruise ships and specialist vessels, we offer a best-in-class, robust marine security system for ship owners, Oil and Gas Companies.
Our marine security solutions have been specifically developed for the challenging environments and demanding conditions typical of Marine applications.

We offer unique maritime defense solutions to secure critical assets vulnerable to water-based attacks. In a security-conscious world, both private and public assets and operations – Fending operations, Oil Rigs, Pipeline serving operations, Commercial Liners, Desalination Plants, dredging facilities, and Cruise Ships– have a real, immediate, and critical need for high levels of protection. With a broad range of Intervention and Ballistic vessel, well trained naval personnel who are very conversant with the operating conditions of West African coastal waters, we have all it takes to secure and escort your product and crew to their destination.