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AB offshore, support services, offshore logistics, marine operations, marine consultancy, project management and operations

We develop, implement and adhere to standardized operational compliance policies. Not excluding procedures, standards of conduct, safeguards and written guidelines.
AB OFFSHORE operates all statutory compliance within the scope of its industry.

Signed: Head, Admin and Compliance.

AB Offshore, marine security, vessel supply, supply vessel, marine logistics, escort services, offshore project management and operations

We actively promote a health and safety culture within its organization to achieve NO LOST TIME or environmental discharge. Employees are suitably trained in maintaining equipment for safe and functional use.
AB OFFSHORE complies with all HSE policy, procedures, operations, regulations and code of best practice to maintain ZERO SPILL and ZERO INCIDENT.

Signed; HSE Officer

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Our goal is to ensure our profitability and continuity of service, for the benefit of our clients by improved availability of critical spares, reduced downtime and strict adherence to our safety procedures.

Signed: Manager, Contracts and Operations support

AB offshore, marine consultancy, offshore support, marine security, project managment and operations, vessel operations, vessel operators

At AB OFFSHORE, we seek to challenge and be challenged and as such carry out extensive and in-depth market survey to achieve growth, capability, and strategic vision and in the process expand our global presence.
We endeavour to know our client needs therefore develop and maintain a strong client base relationship to ensure we meet and exceed all expectations.

Signed: Head Business Development

AB Offshore, marine security, vessel supply, supply vessel, offshore support services, offshore project management

At AB OFFSHORE we fully understand the importance of our employees and the benefit of team work. Therefore we invest in welfare and training to exceed local and international standard standards, irrespective of our cultural diversity. ‘’We believe in being united.’’

Signed: Human Resource Manager

AB Offshore, marine security, vessel supply, supply vessel, escort operations, offshore support service, marine logistics

We adhere to transparency,efficiency,  credibility and responsiveness in carrying out our daily operations

Signed : Finance Department.