International Transport Federation

The International Transport Worker’s Federation (ITF) offshore Taskforce Group has directed seafarers working aboard vessels to join appropriate national trade unions in their respective countries that are affiliated of the federation effective Collective Bargaining Agreement CBA.
The International transport labour gave the directive at the just concluded Offshore Taskforce held in London, UK.
The resolution reached at the event which held between May 15 and 18 2018 and made available to Business and Maritime West Africa, submitted that the Collective Bargaining Agreement CBA condition of the National Flag State shall at least substantially be equivalent to those existing in the Continental shelf state.
It added that the case of flag of convenience unit shall adhere to International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions.
ITF has also urged seafarers to study their employment agreements and seek advice before engagement and preventing the recruitment or placement services from using means, mechanisms or lists to prevent them from gaining employment for which they are qualified.
It said that “If the continental shelf state has issued rules and regulations with regard to employment and social and economic condition or there is a trade union policy regarding the employment of local or and international labour.
‘”No ITF affiliate shall sign an agreement for the unit until negotiations have taken place between ITF affiliate in the National flag state and the continental shelf state.”
It further stated that at any stage of the inter Union negotiation, the ITF affiliate may call on the ITF to act initially as conciliator and ultimately as arbitrator.