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We are a company of great integrity and have carved a niche in best practices; this is how we built the foundation for our future.
With this foundation, we have leverage on strategically critical initiatives that define AB Offshore for the better, both in the medium and long term.

We are one of the foremost indigenous marine service company in Nigeria. Our workers, management and board of directors are highly skilled and motivated to provide our clients with effective and excellent service. Being specialists in our field of service, we are able to offer a wealth of knowledge which is essential to the provision of reliable marine vessels, systems and services .

We also attract people who share and are eagerly guided by philosophies of striving to succeed, and dedicated to explore all possibilities.


Our Values


Our service delivery shall be characterized by excellence.


We continuously search for ways to develop better and improved processes, products and services to meet client needs.


We bring to bare all available resources to ensure the job is completed satisfactorily. We are dedicated to seeing it through and ensuring the client is satisfied.


We adhere to the highest levels of honesty, trustworthiness, ethics and morality.


We do what we say we will. We take ownership until desired result is achieved. We do not blame.

Commitment to Community

We are committed to ensure that the communities in which we do our business are not harmed by our activities. We try to engage with and to the extent possible, support our partner communities.